Saturday, December 27, 2008

No more baldness

Hair loss is a serious problem among people across the world. As you age , a number of hormonal changes occur in the body. Your hair becomes tender and the shedding rate is greater than the hair growth rate. Hair loss is also related to hereditary problems. When your family members have baldness trouble , then there are high chances that you will also suffer from baldness. Though baldness is not common in women, many women don’t like to expose their scalps to the outside world. Provillus hair treatment is a revolutionary treatment for hair loss that has greater success rate.

Hair loss patterns and causes differ for men and women. It is not possible for the same product to work for all men and women. In the case of men, hair loss is mainly caused by dihydrotestosterone hormone. The radical product Provillus blocks this hormone. Hence, regrowth is seen even in the bald areas. There is no harm for your general health with the use of Provillus product. In women, hair loss is greatly affected by the way they take care of their hair. Holding the hair tightly for long hours results in hair loss. Provillus for women is specifically designed to stop hair thinning in women.

When you select Provillus product, you should try the product for atleast three months. It is not possible to see the results after a few days. Hair loss problem can be solved only if measures are taken in the natural way. It will take some time for the product to strengthen hair follicles and improve hair growth. You can read Provillus treatment review to know how exactly the product works for men and women. If you use the product continuously for a few months, you can see good results. It is not impossible to say good bye to baldness with the suitable product. You can’t be too late to use Provillus because several people have benefited with this hair loss treatment.

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